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Vicious cycle of meetings – Part 3: Discouragement

In the last article we talked about distraction. Today it’s about …




I once heard a very senior leader in a global organisation say that exact thing. “You can have a long career here by going to one meeting to another and never actually doing any real work”.


In most organisations, an employee’s success (or failure) is measured against key performance indicators (KPI’s). I have yet to see a KPI that said “attend heaps of boring and ineffective meetings”. And yet, there is an expectation that people will do that, AND meet their more task driven KPI’s.


This requirement to attend poorly executed meetings whilst also expecting people to get stuff done is what drives down employee engagement scores and drives up feelings of discouragement.


Disengagement leads to distraction which leads to discouragement….which takes us back to disengagement.  The vicious cycle.


 Ways to overcome discouragement:

  • Every meeting has a purpose and outcome
  • Everyone who comes has a role
  • Make sure meetings are adding value or contributing to achieving work
  • Make them shorter


And that concludes the series on "the vicious cycle". Let me know your thoughts on how you are combating against the cycle in your workplace.


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