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Donna uses a balanced mixture of relevant theory and fun interactive learning activities to create memorable training experiences for her participants.

Always keeping an eye on the group dynamics, she encourages active participation, welcomes questions and promotes inclusive learning opportunities.


Often described as motivating and inspiring, Donna has the directness and sensitivity to gently challenge participants to activate their full potential as managers, employees and team leaders.


She offers practical strategies, instigates thought-provoking activities and cultivates transformation in participants’ thinking and behaviour.


Donna builds rapport with training participants quickly and naturally. She is skilled in assessing and responding to an organisation’s specific needs, tailoring programs appropriately with respect to training duration and content.


Donna currently delivers the following corporate training programs:


  • Making Work Work: How to get your people to show up, play nicely and get the job done.
  • Anywhere Anytime: How to live, learn and lead for the future of work.
  • Making Meetings Work: Making better use of the time we spend in dialogue with others.
  • The First 2 Hours: How to get the best out of your most valuable time.
  • Engaging Training: Professional development for workplace trainers to move beyond the Cert IV.
  • 10 x 90s: 10 x 90 minute workshops – each on a different specified topic – that can be delivered individually, as a series, or condensed into a full day of content.


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Your energy, humour and powerful presentation and skilful facilitation impressed me a lot.  Thank you “leopard lady”. Jessie
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