Visual Vocab

How many of us have found ourselves dying a slow, agonising death by PowerPoint?


VV course imageThis visual vocab course is designed to spark a visual revolution. These pictures are great for adding extra oomph to your flip-charts, graphic recording, visual facilitation or visual notation and are a great tool in engaging your audience or participants.


Why should you start using visuals? They will help:


  • Bring your sessions to life
  • Connect you and your participants or audience
  • Create an engaging environment


Not an artist? That’s ok, Donna’s simple drawings are for anyone that can hold a pen and draw a simple shape.


Start your visual vocab course now.

Duration: Lifetime
Price: $29.95


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A note of thanks and feedback 9 months on from participating in your time management course.   I’ve been through both time mgt and objective/goal setting courses before, however,...
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