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The First 2 Hours


The First 2 Hours Book

Get more done with your day.


The First 2 Hours is essential reading for anyone seeking to enhance their efficiency and avoid common productivity traps. Author Donna McGeorge draws on research from neuroscience, energy flow and the body’s natural rhythms, to reveal how to divide the workday into 2-hour blocks in line with the level of intensity and impact required.


Learn how to:

  • Recognise the habits holding you back
  • Maximise your first 2 hours and set yourself up for daily success
  • Build on your body’s strengths for better performance
  • Track your patterns and create a personalised workflow
  • Discover the optimum time of day for new business, meetings, emails, projects and more.


The way you plan your day is the key to your productivity and The First 2 Hours shows you how to do great work, consistently.


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Permission Granted Book & Cards


permission granted set

What rules, rituals and routines do you have in your life or at work that are holding you back?


So often it seems like we are waiting for permission from someone or something to do things differently.  This kit will help you:


  • Focus on things that are important to you
  • Practise self-care and compassion
  • Make positive changes in your world


Inside the box you will find a book with a few words of wisdom at the beginning followed by 52 permission slips; one for each week. There are also 52 cards to provide you with inspiration, should you need it, to help you on your own #permissiongranted journey.

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The 25 Mintute Meeting


The 25 Minute Meeting Book

Sharpen your focus and tighten your time frames to get more done in less time.


The 25 Minute Meeting goes beyond “cut to the chase” and shows you how to take back your work day with smarter planning and more productive action.


Meetings have become a de facto way of working, and as they pile up and stretch to interminable lengths, they eat up our days and sink productivity—if they are poorly planned and run.


Done well, meetings are short, sharp, productive affairs that provide critical time and space for the interactions that drive business forward.


This book shows you how to effectively and efficiently recover your time with a roadmap to the 25-minute meeting.


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Pimp My Training

Box set of Trainer Books



Pimp My Training Box Set

Buy all three trainer books in our “Pimp my Training” boxed set and receive $5 off the cost of all three!


  • Engaging Training
  • The pen is mightier than the slide
  • Visual Vocab

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Making Work Work



Making Work Work

Do you dread going into work some days?


Are you struggling to get your team to work well together?


Have you ever considered that you might be the problem?


No leader, middle or frontline manager leaves for work in the morning with the aim of upsetting their team members or colleagues, and deliberately set on derailing projects. Yet it happens – and it happens a lot.


While the existing systems in your organisation and lack of resources can create a toxic environment that your team can’t perform its best in, often you can’t change this.


But there is one thing that you can always alter to improve your workplace, make your work more enjoyable and your team more effective – your attitude and behaviour.


The stories and strategies contained within will inspire you to work with what you’ve got and change whatever is holding you back.


In this far-from-usual-boring-business- book, you’ll learn how to:


  • identify if you’re an energy vampire that’s zapping your team’s productivity
  • climb the credibility ladder to become a manager your team and your talent wants to work with
  • navigate the Comfort Zone and Learning Zone–and what to do if you end up in the Twilight Zone
  • find “bumblebee moments” to get through difficult situations and meetings
  • assess you and your team’s performance using easy equations and checklists
  • gain trust, respect and value for the work you do with the people you work with.


You may not be able to change a crappy organisational system, but you can always change how you: “Show up, play nicely, and get the job done”.

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Engaging Training



engaging training coverDo you work at the front of the room? If you want to expand your training skills, conquer your dread of public speaking, and have the confidence to talk off the script, you need to Get Engaged!


Donna McGeorge is fighting a war against mediocrity in training. She wants you to step up now to engage audiences and get your message across.


Whether you are an internal trainer who wants to improve your delivery, an external trainer who wants to get hired more, or an expert who wants to be better at the front of the room, Get Engaged! gives trainers of all competencies the tools to be the best they can.


Learn the habits of world class trainers and front of room experts. Find out how to excite your audience, communicate your message, and Get Engaged!


This accessible guide to better workplace training will help you develop your own style and confidence at the front of the room.


Discover how great trainers:

  • Use a growth mindset
  • Create a learning safety net
  • Frame the session for optimal take-up
  • Bring their authentic self to the front of room
  • Use visual, auditory, and special anchors


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The pen is mightier than the slide

The pen is mightier than the slide$19.95


Flip charting is the co-creative and visual presentation method that genuinely engages audiences with your ideas. With corporate trainer Donna McGeorge you’ll discover how to create compelling flip charts, develop your visual vocabulary, learn handy flip chart tools and tips, and more.


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Visual Vocab

Visual Vocab$34.95


200 Words, 800 Images. This visual dictionary will help grow your visual vocabulary for use in presentations and training Not an artist? That’s ok. Donna’s simple drawings are for anyone that can hold a pen and draw simple shapes. AND…with four ideas for every word, there's something for everyone.


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