Donna McGeorge wants you to be the best you can be.    


Whether it is helping individuals find their purpose and voice, or helping trainers be the best they can be at the front of the room, or getting HR functions connected to their business and adding extraordinary value, she is fighting a war against mediocrity.  


For over 10 years Donna has worked as a dynamic agent of change in Australia’s leading corporate environments. As a speaker, author, trainer and consultant, Donna’s methods create an inspiring mindset for change.


Not always popular for being a truth teller, Donna will challenge you, your leaders and your organisation to

  • Be authentic
  • Take ownership
  • Demonstrate humility
  • Influence with integrity


Whether speakingtraining, or mentoring, Donna’s unique methods challenge the status quo by creating organisational effectiveness, growth mindsets and new patterns of behaviour.


Donna is offering the following public programs:


Engaging Training

Tools, techniques and processes to engage your audience and connecting them to you, your material and application in their world.  A no holds barred approach to developing excellence in workplace training beyond anything any Cert IV could ever deliver.


FAQ:  What if training isn't my "day job", will this still be ok for me?  Yes.  It may not be your day job, but there's no reason not to be excellent at it, right?!

FAQ:  I'm an experienced training consultant for hire, will there be stuff for me?  Of course!  I have had trainers and consultants with over 20 years experience come along and discover new and amazing ways to engage their groups.


Location & Dates


Melbourne: 22-24 September

Sydney:  6-8 October


Flip charts for the artistically challenged

Highly interactive session for a small amount of participants to help people gain the skills and confidence to move away from PowerPoint.  Packed full of value including a swag bag any presenter, trainer or facilitator would envy, this program will help lift your front of room game to a higher level.


Location & Dates:


Melbourne 8 September

Sydney 9 October


Donna is also offering a limited amount of 1:1 mentoring during 2015.  Contact her directly for more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Improve your individual, team and organisation effectiveness by harnessing their power. Call Donna on 0403 308 933.

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